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Lump head of the year.

Posted by Nomads

“What am I doing here?” Bee wondered to herself sitting in Rob’s dead stream. Watching as Ronald wheezed and explained Polish menstruation. “Hey Bee! Wanna collaborate on Youtube?!” Robert turned on his webcam, pregnant belly hanging out and a microwavable pizza stuck to his beard. “Nor.” Bee said and closed stream in relief, finally free of the degeneracy and autism

Posted by Krispey

“I missed-“ loud breath “VR so-“ loud breath “So much!” Rob said as he finally stood up, his headset overheating and the room spinning as he mouth breathed at max intensity. “How does-“ louder breath “my mic-“ louder breath “sound guys?” gasp gasp gasp Rob turned purple, collapsing to the floor after 30 seconds of dancing

Posted by Wizecamel

Wow I’m getting the entire VRChat community into Krunkwhat? Roflumper proclaims as he autistically jumps around the map. As he calls his chat milk and brings up foreskin for the 8th time in an hour, the mutant sewage in his basement morphs into a team of Chiraq gangsters, filling him with holes